Matt B., PA

I first realized that my daughter, Suzie, had severe asthma when she was two-years-old. Being a first-time parent, I can’t possibly describe the terror that came over us we saw our daughter’s little body gasping for breath. She stayed in the hospital a couple of nights – we felt so helpless

Suzie is now approaching her teen years, and while she is more self-sufficient when it comes to understanding triggers and taking her inhaler (or “puffy” as we call it) independently, dealing with her asthma is a very significant part of our family life.  We still take trips to the emergency room on bad air days, and while we plan ahead as much as possible, we can’t always predict when her asthma will act up.

While we make the best of the situation and try to let Suzie enjoy life as much as her asthma allows, there are still a lot of things she just can’t do. Suzie would play every sport – indoor and outdoor- if she could, but we have to be selective on what we let her play because of how it may impact her breathing.  She also can’t spend as much time outdoors in the summer when ozone levels can become dangerously high.

I fight for healthy air, because I’ve watched how air quality has impacted Suzie’s childhood and our family. Children deserve healthy air.


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