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Every day the American Lung Association and its supporters battle lung cancer, COPD, and the many other conditions that leave millions of Americans fighting for air.

We know that research is critical, so we fund studies at the nation's leading universities to discover treatments and cures for devastating lung diseases. More importantly, we speak out to support increased funding at the National Institutes of Health for this important research.

We provide personalized help to individuals. From our national Lung HelpLine call center, to our Better Breathers Clubs and Freedom from Smoking® program we help millions of Americans manage or prevent lung disease.

At the state and local levels, we advocate for policies that will reduce the incidence of lung cancer by decreasing the number of smokers. We fight for comprehensive smokefree indoor air laws, higher cigarette taxes, and full funding for tobacco prevention programs to help smokers quit. And there's so much more...

We never take breathing for granted, because millions of Americans struggle for each and every breath.

Do you work or exercise outdoors? A dose of dirty air can harm your active lungs. Find out if the air in your community is helping or threatening your health at

To reach the Lung HelpLine, call 1-800-548-8252 or click here.

Support stronger ozone limits to make the air outside safer for our kids.

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